Savings accounts

Open an account - make regular deposits - secure a decent future for yourself and your children.

Children's savings program

How to help your growing child already now? How to make sure that by the time he or she comes of age, he or she will be able to enter a good university or realize his or her first business? 
For all these activities you need funds, but where to get them at this moment?

There is a solution: Start creating capital for your children in the WBT cryptoindex.

Deposit any amount at any time
Access to savings when the child reaches the age of majority
Funds can be accessed in case of force majeure.
Protect your savings from yourself so you don't spend them early

Pension program

Start saving in the growing cryptocurrency market right now and create capital for a decent retirement.

Choose your own convenient accumulation period. Minimum period of 5 years (maximum 15 years)
Replenish the account at any time for any amount
Access to savings at the end of the period