New terms of trade for BCT tokens

New terms of trade for BCT tokens

Dear users, We are glad to inform you about the launch of new trading conditions on Blockchain Capital Exchange trading platform and change of BCT token sales conditions via affiliate program.

1. You can now set any BCT token price for sale, with no minimum price limit. 

2. The BCT sales order price is fixed in USD. 

3. BCT token seller pays 20% commission when selling BCT token.

4. 10% of the amount of BCT tokens sold on the recommendation of the partner, goes to the partner network remuneration and is distributed throughout the structure according to the marketing plan (read the updated document in the documentation section in your personal web office).

5. Part of the funds received from the transaction commission shall be used to create a liquidity pool. This liquidity pool will be used to buy back BCT tokens. Rebought tokens will be frozen and will not participate in the distribution of dividends. 


All of these innovations will have a positive impact on BCT token liquidity in the near term.

This will greatly increase interest in the asset for all users and will have a positive impact on dividends for BCT token holders. 


Thank you for your cooperation.

BDC Online Team



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