BDC 2023 results

BDC 2023 results

During this winter and festive season, we would like to send you our warmest greetings and express our deep gratitude for your continued faith and participation. 

Let’s recap the past year and report on our achievements. We have indeed much to say and share!

BDC 2023 results:

- The WBT crypto index has increased by 145%

According to many market experts - this is just the beginning of a new bull cycle. The digital asset market continues to gain popularity among investors. 

- The BDC turned 6 years old

We are no longer a Startup. As a stable company that has bravely endured three "crypto winters" and has more than 17,000 users around the world. We continue to strive forward into new markets.

- We are launching a new Compensation Plan for partners

We are currently developing a new Compensation Plan for partners. The updated commission system will increase sales volume big time, which will have a positive impact on the dividends for BCT token holders. We plan to implement the New Compensation Plan on 22 January 2024.

- Promotional cruise

The promotional cruise has been extended until 22 February and all our partners will have the opportunity to join the Company's founders on a luxury cruise in the Persian Gulf. The Company will pay the airfare and travel expenses. Details of the trip in the "Promo" section of your personal web office

- Launch of the new BDC Academy

Development and training has always been an important aspect of the company. This year we have updated the Academy program. The monthly Academy aims to improve partners' financial readiness and increase personal income.

- Launching new products

The kids and the pension savings accounts are a convenient solution for those who want to provide a decent future for themselves and their children. Many users appreciate the program and use it for savings.

- Translation of the website into other languages

BDC is expanding its reach and entering new markets. The website and platform have been translated into Chinese. The team is also working on translating the website into Spanish.

- Payments in USDT

We are always monitoring market trends and one of the technical solutions was to switch from Ethereum to USDT. This allowed users to capture payments and save on transactions when buying and selling products.


In 2024, we will have even more to do, we are full of energy and determination! The popularity of digital currencies is growing day by day and our products are the best tools to invest in this fast growing market safely, easily and profitably.

Thank you for being users of the platform and we wish you a successful year ahead! 

Together at the top! TOGETHER ON THE TOP!!!!



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