BCap subscription

BCap subscription

Congratulations to everyone who has already purchased a BCap subscription. Welcome to the world of crypto investing.

With BCap subscription you get an opportunity to increase your capital easily and simply.

Subscription gives everyone the opportunity to start buying WBT Crypto Index without commission. With a subscription, you can get to your goals faster.

That said, it's important to remember that you need to follow certain rules and strategies to get the best results.

We recommend:

1. Write down your goal - what you are creating capital for in the WBT Index (for example: retirement, children's education, buying a house, car, etc.); 

2. Create a schedule in your calendar for your Index purchases and stick to it (e.g. once a month every fifth day);

3. Allocate 10 - 20% of your monthly income for the purchase of the Index;

4. Do not pay attention to the current price of the index and do not guess it trying to buy cheaper or wait for the best moment;

5. Plan an accumulation period of at least five to ten years; 6. Have patience and do not succumb to negative news headlines or try to take profits when the market is rising. Stick to the planned accumulation period;

7. Remember that the best time to enter is when the market is down or not rising. That way you can get more WBT tokens at a low price.

The picture shows the real result if you stick to the Buy and Hold strategy. In this example, $5,000,000 turned into $17,159,000.



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