BCT token

September 2024 will mark a significant milestone in our seven-year history. Seven years ago, we took on an ambitious mission to preserve and grow capital in the digital asset market, and today we are proud of the achievements we have achieved during this time.

With a community of more than 17,000 people from 27 countries, we continue to strive for our shared success. Our product, the WBT Crypto Index, today meets the needs of the passive investor, increasing savings several times. The Buy and Hold strategy followed by the owners of the WBT Crypto Index brings significant capital growth and satisfies long-term investment needs.

In parallel, the dividend fund brings passive income to the owners of BCT tokens, directly dependent on the revenue of our products. According to our forecasts, in 2024, each BCT token will bring its holders an average of 1-3 percent per month. This demonstrates our confidence in the future.

We recognize that current global economic and political events have an impact on the market. However, we continue to focus on creating real value for the BCT equity token rather than its liquidity. In this vein, we have improved the conditions of the affiliate program, updated the mechanism for purchasing the WBT crypto index and improved the functionality of the personal account, which led to an increase in the Dividend Fund.

Over the past seven years, we have successfully created a strong foundation for further development and look confidently into the future. Thank you for your support and trust - together we will continue to build new profitable opportunities to successfully develop our community and achieve our goals.



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