Congratulations on another dividend payment

Congratulations on another dividend payment

Dear BCT token holders,

Congratulations on receiving dividends for the period from April 11th, 2022 to April 11th, 2023.

The year 2023 continued to be marked by economic and political changes around the world. Despite the difficulties associated with the global financial crisis, we continue to develop and confidently look to the future.

We continue to develop. The BDC team has been developing new products in response to changing market conditions and competitive advantages. We have invested significant resources and time in developing new products that will be in demand this year thanks to more attractive conditions for all platform users and new customers. We have created a new crypto index WBT 4.0 without a 20% commission. We have implemented new terms of use for the BDC service through memberships and made adjustments to the partner program. Additionally, during the reporting period, we listed the BCT token on the decentralized Uniswap exchange and the centralized Timex exchange.



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